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Dessert Menu


six layers of rich, dark chocolate cake alternating with chocolate pastry cream, fudgy chocolate ganache, surrounded with a truffle frosting, topped with chocolate espresso drip, chocolate truffles, chocolate shavings, served with a chocolate meringue kiss



our signature hand cut pastry dough filled with ten pounds of caramelized apples, warm spices, drenched in brown butter



our signature hand cut pastry dough filled with sweet, sticky walnuts and studded with flecks of smoky, salty bacon



chocolate cookie crust layered with peanut butter cups, piled high with a whipped creamy peanut butter filling



rich custard infused with bright Limoncello liqueur and fresh basil, layered with a tart, zesty lemon curd, finished with a bruleed crust of sugar



dulce de leche cheesecake swirled with espresso cheesecake, studded with pockets of dulce de leche, topped with espresso whipped cream


Our In-House Baker

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I love cake!

That may seem obvious, but I really do. I love how it tastes, I love the way the cake and buttercream compliment each other, and I love how it brings people together. To me, just because you share a meal with someone, doesn't mean you're investing in them. But when you decide to take time and have dessert and maybe some coffee, that means that you're taking time to get to know someone. Dessert means that you're stopping a crazy day so you can pause and savor life over some cake. Cake signals that there's something special happening, even if it's just the chance to have coffee with a dear friend.

And that's why I bake, to help people celebrate.

I grew up on a small farm outside of Adamstown, PA. My parents were absolutely incredible at making a big deal of of even the smallest accomplishments and joys. I was taught at a young age that life is made up of moments of celebration, and that's something that I still carry with me.

I started working for Jim and Gracie in January 2016. I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life, feeling burned out from the restaurant industry and trying to decipher if there was another direction my life should go. I saw an ad for a baker on online, and decided to take a chance and send in my resume. I met Jim and Gracie, and if you've had the honor and pleasure of doing the same, you know how easily it is to catch their passion and vision. I started with them in hopes of building a successful bakery department within their already thriving restaurant and I haven't looked back since.

While I don't have an academic history with pastry or culinary arts, food has been a strong thread that has woven itself through my life story. As far back as I can remember, I would leaf through my mom's cookbooks, trying to find a recipe that we had all the ingredients for. I remember sitting at my grandmothers counter, watching her recklessly throw spices into a pot, and making something completely amazing and untethered to a recipe. I remember making my parents and brothers give me their orders at my restaurant in our living room. So naturally, my first job was at a little diner. From there, I worked in a variety of cafes and restaurants. While most of my time was spent serving customers, I always somehow found myself in the back, helping with food whenever I could. Eventually, I was the go to person for all the cakes and desserts for friends and family's special events. And in January of 2016, I decided that I would try to make a life out of this love for icing and batter.

Like I said, I love cake. And while I love almost any dessert I can get my hands on, baking is something bigger to me than clever combinations of cake and buttercream. I bake so that people can celebrate life and enjoy each other.