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264 West Main Street
Leola, PA 17540

Why Choose Gracie's on West Main?

A look at restaurant trends and why choosing local and homemade matters.

Julia Child debuted in 1963 on American television with "The French Chef".  She didnt know how to cook, so she spent a decade in France, became self-taught, and introduced American house wives to an upgraded culture of food.  Suddenly Susie Homemaker was substituting boeuf bourguignon for the family pot roast and mousse au chocolat for apple pie.  Fast forward 50 years- today being a chef can mean big time celebrity.  (Don't believe me? I had to wait in a line behind 25 other women all waiting to get their picture with celebrity chef Curtis Stone at a Bravo TV Top Chef Masters tasting event in NYC this past summer.  Dude was popular!) 

Food network TV channel can be seen in nearly 100 million homes, and most nights Food Network TV commands millions of viewers- more than any of the cable news networks.  According to Nielson's numbers, Americans over the age of 2 watch an average of 3 1/2-4 hours of television per day.  In contrast, according to the New York Times, the average American spends only 27 minutes on food preperation per day.  That's less than half the time they spend watching a single episode of "Top Chef" or "Chopped".  We're just not eating at home or cooking for ourselves anymore.

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264 West Main Street
Leola, PA 17540